ATS Diesel 1994-2007 Cummins Billet Transmission Intermediate Shaft

Part Number: 3049202164
Manufacturer: ATS Diesel
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ATS Diesel Transmission Billet Intermediate Shaft
Dodge 1994-2007 Cummins 5.9L 47RH/47RE/48RE

When the motor is spinning hard, the first components to harness this power are the transmission shafts, moving the power through the transmission. This is an immense amount of rotational force, that is being resisted by weight, heavy drivetrain components, and traction held by the tires. With this force being put on the shafts, the stock ones are prone to breaking, leaving you stranded. With the ATS Billet Transmission Shafts, you can rest assured that you have the strongest components running through your transmission, allowing you to transfer the maximum torque your motor can make.
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Product Description

ATS Diesel 1994-2007 Dodge Cummins 5.9l 47RH & 48RE Transmission Billet Intermediate Shaft #3049202164

The ATS Billet intermediate shaft is part of the back bone of your Dodge Cummins transmission. It is the first hard part to bring power into the transmission and transmit that power to the wheels. With no dampening or power loss other than the torque converter, the shafts in your transmission have a lot to handle. Now add power, weight from a trailer, bigger tires (and is some cases all these things together) and you will be well beyond what that factory shaft was designed for.

The theory behind billet shafts is not quite what you may have in mind. The key to success is not to make the shaft "stronger" necessarily, but give it the ability to absorb more torsional load. The way we do this, is by using billet shafts, they have the ability to rotate further with out breaking. This is going to give the transmission more "give" and allow it to transmit more torque and more load with out breaking.
Product Features:
•Unsurpassed reliability
•Able to handle high power applications
•Great for towing
•Increases torque capacity
•Good way to help ensure you transmission does not break

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