A little something about us.
"Addicted to Performance"

A little about getting started.  I get called a lot of things but for most of you I am just Fabian at Toxic Diesel but i am definitely addicted to performance. The company Toxic Diesel came about because I had a passion and desire to build my diesel truck into the potential i knew it had. There wasn't any local companies I felt cared about what I needed or wanted. I wanted to know what would work and I wanted someone who would help educate me on how to use it. Not a company that slaps something on my truck, tells me it would be the greatest thing ever, and careless about what happened after i paid the bill. I needed someone I could trust, and that meant more to me than being their "best new friend" (at least as long as i had the "green stuff" in my wallet). So i started working hard every evening building up my diesel mechanic skills. I grew working with mechanics after school in the family business so i already had a good core knowledge of mechanics. I started working on my own diesel truck with advice from some guys that had been in the business a long time. It was truly coincidence that i found someone to trust and teach me and from there my skills grew. One day this same person told me that i was one of the most talented "shade tree" mechanics he had ever worked with and that i should make money for my skills and open up a business. So i did exactly that and more than 5 years later I am glad I did. Online and a Full time Shop. Now I admit that on the internet we are not the cheapest and by far not the most expensive. we are very fair and competitive, and probably one of the most helpful. And yes it takes making some profit to keep food on our tables and the rent paid too! We do answer your phone calls and if we do have to call you back its because we are trying hard to listen and answer everyone's questions. Our site really does not show you all that we have available and it for sure can't install it for you. But we will spend the time to help you install it and get your project done. We always have and we always will feel that we are successful because of the time we spend with the guys (and gals) that believe and trust in what we do. We could never find a place big enough to fill with all of the compliments and kind words that have been told to us for doing just that. I have the utmost confidence in my guys that work at our shop. Everyday we share a huge load of responsibility to get the job done right. We put our best foot forward and a big smile on everyday. We love the work we do and we love to help people feel like they get something more than they paid for. You have someone you can depend on, someone you can call on when you need them, and someone that will treat you like a member of our team. Our skills vary by person but we have a wide spectrum of qualities that makes us a great team for you. To sum it up The reason I mention our shop is so that you can also know that we are not the kind of people that sit around in an office reading magazines or an online article on "how to..." and giving you technical advice. We actually have hands on experience to guide you through your project, and give you correct advice on an upgrade, or even just diagnose an issue over the phone. Its a different world between a wrench in your hand and a keyboard under your fingers. Although in today's mechanics you do need both. Its just nice to know you can call someone with a little grease on their knuckles and hear them say "yes, I know just what to do". Much thanks for taking the time to read a little about us and we hope you can feel the sense of pride we take in helping out anybody with any question they have. We really do care and we are here to be trusted for the long run. Feel free to call and no it doesn't matter if you spend your "green stuff" for us to talk to you. We are more than happy to help!

 Fabian Ortiz and the Toxic Diesel Crew Toxic Diesel, LLC (435) 628-5544